Our quality is why the majority of our customers order again within 3 years!

Purchased three variable capacity in 2009, additional tanks in 2017, 2019, 2021. Sturdy well built tanks


Co-owner & Winemaker, Moon Curser Vineyards

Our third wine tanks purchased from Fermenters Choice. Excellent service and communication.

Bill Adams

Winemaker, Stoneboat Vineyards

Bought a 1300 gallon tank in 2009, and had no hesitation during our current expansion to purchase an 1850 gallon. Great tank quality and good service.

Bill Eggert

Fairview Cellars Winery

Best Selling Products

Variable Capacity Wine Tanks

Variable Capacity wine tanks have a floating lid design allows for total flexibility in the volumes fermented. The work horse of many wineries, distilleries and cider houses.

Closed Top Tanks

For fermentation of red or white wine, and storage of wine.  Can be built to fit the specific needs for room dimensions, volumes, and tank features.

Industrial Tanks

Industrial tanks are high strength and large volume, used by a wide variety of industries from manufacturing, chemical and food service.