Compare Quality in Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless Steel Thickness – 1300 gallon (5000L) Variable Capacity tank use 14 gauge (2mm) for the shell and 11 gauge for the  floor (3 mm). Some competitors use thinner, less expensive material with shells 20 gauge (1.0 mm) and floors 14 gauge (2.0 mm).  Why is thickness important? Strength and rigidity.  Tanks built with thin material can bow and flex the welds, causing the welds to harden then crack – like a spoon repeatedly bent. Cracked welds are initiation spots for bacteria growth.

Welding – the bond that holds the tanks together. Stainless steel tanks will last a lifetime – ensure you are getting quality welding that will also last. See our welding images below.

Heating/Cooling Jacket Area – many tanks have jackets, but some cover a minimal area. Small jackets give less effective heating and cooling and can add days to the fermentation cycle. If the tank is used for multiple fermentations, that means it is unavailable for longer and additional tanks may be required. Our design optimizes the jacket size to cover the largest area practically possible. 

Ease of Cleaning – most cellar workers have most and least favorite tanks. It often comes down to cleaning. The final treatment of the welds and the finish on the tank are important factors. Along with the door size, height, slope of the floor and size of the drain valves. Optimizing these features will ensure a tank that is easy to work with and clean. 

Ensure you are getting quality materials and manufacturing!

World Class Welding and Finishing

Manufactured with the highest quality materials. The welding and workmanship are exceptional. Internal welds are ground and passivated to ensure cleanliness. Choose your interior and exterior finishes to meet your needs. The images shown were photographed onsite after delivery to a North American winery