Closed Top Wine Tanks – Fermentation and Storage

Closed top fermentation and storage tanks

Closed Top Wine Tanks are stainless steel tanks that can be used for fermentation of white wines and storage of wine, beer and cider. Features can include multiple doors, sloped or conical floors, pumpover systems and Clean-in-place ball spray systems. Can be built to fit the specific needs for room dimensions, volumes, and required tank features. Sizes available from 600 – 25,000 gallon (2500 – 97,000 Litres) for boutique wineries to large commercial entities.

Closed Top – Product Details


  • Stainless Steel construction SS304
  • Cylindrical shell
  • Conical top
  • Sloped floor or conical bottom
  • Supporting legs with adjustable feet
  • Top round manhole
  • Side oval manhole available
  • Dimple cooling jacket


  • Drain outlet
  • Thermometer
  • Sampling valve
  • Vent valve
  • Level gauge
  • Standard nozzles tri-clover connections or Customer Specified¬†

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