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  • Ordering, Importing, Customs & Duty, Delivery

    All importing and delivery logistics are handled by us. The equipment is shipped directly to your site either in a metal sea container or on trucks.

    Order Process

    Request a quotation on the products 

    • Drawings and specifications will be provided. 
    • Signed acceptance of the drawings and a 50% deposit begins the manufacturing process
    • Manufacturing times average 8 weeks.
    • Upon completion of manufacturing, the remaining payment is due. 
    • Shipping is arranged to your location. All trucking, overseas shipping, customs and duties are arranged by us.

    Standard shipping is in metal sea containers. Access to a loading dock and a forklift is the easiest way to unload. If one is unavailable, the container can be off-loaded at a local trucking yard, or at the sea port. Trucks can then deliver the equipment to your location.