Customer Testimonials

I bought a 1300 gallon tank 8 years ago, and had no hesitation during our current expansion to purchase a 1850 gallon this year. Great quality tank and good service.

Bill Eggert

Owner & Winemaker, Fairview Cellars Winery

We first purchased three 5000 litre variable capacity tanks in 2009. Very pleased with the tank quality and functionality. Sturdy, well built tanks. We purchased three additional tanks and a catwalk system in 2017.

Chris Tolley

Co-owner & Winemaker, Moon Curser Vineyards Inc.

This is the third wine tank purchased from Fermenters Choice. Top quality on the welds and we were able to customize our needs to get the tank we want, plus the sales representative even came down to help install. Very practical, as we use it for red and white wines, Excellent service and communication though out the whole process. Just emptied out our first pinot noir fermentation in this new tank and was more than pleased with the ease to empty the tank and how easy it was to clean. It’s a great tank.

Bill Adams

Winemaker, Stoneboat Vineyards