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  • Variable Capacity Wine Tanks

    Variable Capacity Wine Tanks

    Variable Capacity Wine Tanks have a floating lid for total flexibility of the volume. Easy to clean with a sloped floor and large rectangular door. A favorite tank of both winemakers and cellar-hands. The glycol jacket allows for heating or cooling to control fermentation rates. Available as a red or white fermenter. Red has an additional door. Also use as a storage tank. The movable lid allow variable volumes to be stored with no air contact. Variable capacity wine tanks are the work horse of many wineries, distilleries and cider houses!

  • Variable Capacity Wine Tank - Product Details
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • Sloped floor
    • Heating/Cooling jacket
    • Rectangular man door
    • Oval second door available
    • Drain outlet (3”), racking outlet (2”), thermowell, sample outlet
    • Outlets are tri-clover connections
    • Standard Brushed oil or polished finish available
    • Use as a Storage Tank or Fermentation Tank
    • Wine, Beer and Cider
    Floating Lid:
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • Lid vent - tri-clover connection
    • Inflatable seal
    • Lid arm and hand winch with steel cable
  • Variable Capacity Tanks Sizes

    Sizes available from 3000 - 10,000 Litres (800 - 2650 gallons)

  • *** Custom sizes also available ***

  • Included accessories are drain, racking and sample valves, thermometer, air-line and hand pump or air valve assembly for compressor connection.